I am a UI/UX manager with over 10 years of experience in web design and development, and an excellent track record of designing, building and delivering online systems with strong background in transforming data heavy interfaces into intuitive and user-friendly applications. I have led teams of local and off-shore designers and developers.

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Design system for a knowledge management system
  -    -    -  Design system for a knowledge management system

Design system for a knowledge management system

  • Project name: KnowledgeIQ (
  • Project start: Dec 2018 
  • Project duration: 1 yr 10 mos
  • Technologies: Angular, Storybook, Atomic design

I had the privilege to lead front-end development efforts for KnowledgeIQ product. KnowledgeIQ is a knowledge management solution that inspires success and delivers powerful brand experiences. It collectively captures the organizational knowledge in one place, secured, organized, and easy to find. Now add intelligence through machine learning to personalize the experience and continually adjust the knowledge presented to your teams and customers. This was a major re platforming effort that was done in several sprints. with more than 16 features, we released each feature in two weeks sprint.

Storybook UI reference

Because this project was a green field project, I decided to start with a proper styleguide that captures components as a reference. I’ve used Angular storybook to index all components that I have created throughout the design. A good feature of storybook is display of various versions of an element. for example a button could be primary, usually refereed to as call to action, or secondary or any other variation. storybook provides a way to display different variations along with how to implement it with code. The original UI assets are based on IBM carbon.

UI design system

I have used Photoshop to produce designs for this project as it was selected by the organization. I used InVision to produce interactive designs for usability testing. since this project was based on re platforming from an existing successful, designs needed to inherit good UX that was built over the years while making sure technical debts are not transformed into the new design. As front-end lead in this project, I had regular catch ups with back-end development team along with the architect and QA team to make sure requirements are all translated into functioning features.

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